An empowered Girl-Child is a productive woman


The Green-Girl Limited is a social enterprise aimed empowering young women to become facilitators of sustainable practices that build peaceful and economically viable communities in Africa.

This Green-Girl started as a project in 2015 with the 39th Miss Nigeria, Miss Lessi Peter-Vigboro and has been inherited by every crowned Miss Nigeria ever since, as a way to ensure sustainability. So far, the project has benefited 6,000 young people directly and over 10 million people indirectly. We continue to do more to extend our outcomes and impact.

  • Environmental Sustainability.
  • Health & Well-being.
  • Gender-based Violence.
  • Education & Economic Empowerment.
  • Environmental Sustainability.

Young girls between the ages of 6-30 years old.

  • Raising Girls Summit.
  • Miss Nigeria.
  • Fundraising for the Green-Girl Academy.


We run three major projects to achieve our objectives each year.
Miss Niaja
GG 1
GG 2
Miss Niaja

Miss Nigeria is the number one national pageant in Nigeria recognised by the Federal Government. The brand possesses strong brand equity. Since inception in 1957, the brand continues to grow in history and social significance in empowering women beyond beauty. This is no typical pageant that diminishes the value of womanhood but rather one, that puts the empowerment and inclusion of women and girls in the forefront of its mission.


Empower women beyond beauty


To make Miss Nigeria the foremost platform
for the empowerment of women and girls in

Core Areas of focus:

  • Knowledge: We support girls to build their level of knowledge to accomplish heights they themselves did not know possible especially in subject-areas that oftentimes exclude them.
  • Skills:We offer girls skills that enable them think, innovate and participate fully within diverse workspace.
  • Ideology & Character: We believe that confidence and inner strength are ultimate determinant of a successfully life. Hence, we want to manage how girls are raised and how they think in order to build their character to become strong and powerful women who are agents of change.
  • Leadership:We want to increase women’s participation in leadership positions at all level by building on their leadership spirit as girls.
  • Advocacy:We campaign on promoting a better life for girls free of any forms of gender-based violence through raising awareness and influencing related laws and policies that affect them the most.


  • STEM Programme
  • Gender-based Vocational Qualifications (GVQs)
  • Sisters Mentorship Programme
  • Raising Girls workshops – Parents, Teachers, boys and girls
  • Institutional Gender-Mainstreaming
  • The Green-Girl Project
GG 1

The Green Girl Academy is a centre for knowledge acquisition   that aims to promote ideologies that empower girls in Africa. The critical aim of this academy is to promote the empowerment of women by catching them young as girls.

The academy runs workshops, courses and training most pertinent to the development of girls in Africa.

The Green Girl Academy offers girls in Africa experiences ranging from friendship to mentoring, from leadership to service and from school activities to a lifetime of community involvement. We run on the basic revolutionary principle that girls and women are deserving and capable of higher achievements and socially engaged lives

GG 2

This is a yearly conference aimed at deliberating on issues that affect girls in Africa. With yearly theme’s carefully crafted based on key happenings in Africa, the summit aims to influence social change and policies to ensure a better life and future prospect for girls in Africa. The summit expects over 5,000 participants with targeted audience including key stakeholders from International institutions, Public/Private sectors, NGOs, government, media, students, educationist, parents and the general public. The conference will also include an award dinner that celebrates women and men who have played key roles are diverse levels to promote girls in Africa. Learn more about the summit.

2019 Theme: “The Green Girl” – This represents the introduction of the life, growth and safety of the Girl-Child in Africa.

Key Areas of Focus 

  • Health & Well-being
  • Leadership
  • Gender-based Violence
  • Education
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Parenting
  • Gender-mainstreaming

Conference style: Keynote, Panel sessions, focus group workshops, related exhibitions and awards.

Duration: 2 days